Top 10 Ways to Honor a veteran like Rick Booth this Veterans Day

Julie E. Furnas, Red Cross Cascades Region

Veterans Day will be celebrated on November 11th this year and as the parades and flags go up, it is an opportunity to reach out to veterans and thank them for their service and talk to them about the experiences they had while serving or during conflict. This month, we spoke to Rick Booth, NAVY Veteran and Service to the Armed Forces Volunteer.

Julie: What year did you get involved with the Red Cross?

Rick: 2022

Julie: What do you currently do for the Red Cross?

Rick: I am trained in many areas, Govt Ops, Disaster Spiritual Care, Mass Care, Logistics, DAT, and Services to the Armed Forces Outreach

Julie: Why is the SAF/IS department of the Red Cross so important for Veteran outreach?

Rick: Being brand new to SAF, I do not have a total view on all that SAF does for Veterans {yet}. My best thoughts are to be a bridge to support Veterans needs as they move through life. Referrals to Community Support, helping to connect them with Veteran’s Services, bottom line – being a brother for a person in need.

Julie: What is the best way to honor a veteran?

Rick: I would say to remember the sacrifices that our Veteran’s endured during their time of serving. Being away from home, long deployments and again being there to listen when needed.

Top Ten Things to Do to Honor a Veteran on November 11th.

  1. Visit or volunteer at a local VA hospital or shelter. Check with non-profit organizations that disperse items to veteran communities and see what items they may need.
  2. Help put out flags in cemeteries where veterans are buried.
  3. Shop at a local business or eat at a restaurant that is owned by veterans.
  4. By attending your local Veterans Day parade, you are showing support for local organizations and veterans in your community.
  5. Visit a museum that highlights veterans’ efforts.
  6. Organize a group to write thank you or holiday cards and deliver them to an organization or assisted living home.
  7. Ask a family member that is a veteran and turn their story into a short memoir or news article.
  8. Attend a fund-raising event for a veterans outreach organization.
  9. Make cookies and deliver to a veterans group.
  10. Read a new book! There are tons of books written by veterans who have so many interesting stories.