Safety & Preparedness

Quick thinking, heroic action, and lifesaving CPR help teenager save grandmother.

By Red Cross Cascades Region | February 27, 2024

Story by Chelsea White / Red Cross Cascades Region Sixteen year-old Tayen Landers has been recognized by the Jackson County Sheriff and the Jackson County Board of Commissioners, and will […]

Retired Teacher Turns Red Cross Volunteer and Educates over 1800 Children in Emergency Preparedness

By Red Cross Cascades Region | February 19, 2024

Story by Chelsea White / Red Cross Cascades Region Joanne Stone was a junior high school teacher for 40 years before retiring in 2008. She jumped into a few different […]

Family Tragedy Averted by a 20 Year Old Hero.

By Red Cross Cascades Region | January 18, 2024

By Patricia Griffiths. Gasps from passengers aboard a ski boat signaled trouble to the driver, 20-year-old Ryan Perez, at Detroit Lake, Oregon on July 21, 2023. Checking his rear-view mirror, […]

Safely Heat Your Home This Winter

By Red Cross Cascades Region | January 14, 2024

Oregon and SW Washington have seen dangerously cold temperatures, ice, snow, and blustery winds already in 2024. This has led to fallen trees and power outages for thousands of people. […]

December Delivers Copious Amounts of Rain to the Cascades Region.

By Chad Carter | December 6, 2023

December 2023 brought with it torrential downpours and numerous flood watches and warnings. Multiple inches of rain caused drivers, pedestrians and homeowners to brush up on what to do when […]

Are you looking forward to that warm, dry El Nino winter?

By Red Cross Cascades Region | November 1, 2023

Harriet Vanderbilt, Red Cross Cascades Region Don’t count on it!  This October was one of the snowiest on Mt. Hood since 2017 with over a foot of snowfall recorded at […]

Ten Tips to Help Keep Trick or Treaters Safe This Halloween

By Red Cross Cascades Region | October 27, 2023

Red Cross Cascades Region Halloween is just days away. Little superheroes, cartoon and television characters will soon be out in their neighborhoods for trick or treat fun. The American Red […]

Is Your Home a Fire Hazard?

By Red Cross Cascades Region | September 29, 2023

See how your home measures up.

Free Smoke Alarm Installation Event in North Portland

By Gabriel Gottfried | September 21, 2023

By Gabriel Gottfried/Red Cross Cascades Region “People don’t know, can’t know, when they are going to need that smoke detector to save their lives, so do it now.” – John […]

Be Wildfire Ready!

By Red Cross Cascades Region | July 20, 2023

Colleen Hathaway/Red Cross Cascades Region There are currently 16 active wildfires in Oregon, burning more than 5,000 acres, according to the Department of Emergency Management (OEM)’s Wildfire Response and Recovery […]