Safety & Preparedness

Sound the Alarm is Back in 2021 to Inspire Everyone to Make their Homes Safer

By Red Cross Cascades Region | April 8, 2021

Story by Patricia Griffiths / Red Cross Cascades Region With the whir of a screwdriver and chirp of a tested alarm, Cascades Region volunteer Jon Grasle wraps up another day’s […]

Winter Weather May Still Be On Its Way

By Red Cross Cascades Region | February 10, 2021

Story by Denise Holley / Red Cross Cascades Region This year, winter has held back its blankets of snow and biting temperatures from much of the valleys and high deserts […]

From Wildfires to Earthquakes – Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes

By Red Cross Cascades Region | October 14, 2020

Story by Ali Hargrave / Red Cross Cascades Over the course of the past couple of months, Oregon like much of the West Coast has been devastated by wildfires. Though […]

Preparedness Month Goes Virtual but Preparing for a Disaster Remains Very Real

By Red Cross Cascades Region | September 1, 2020

Story by Melanie Derbes / Red Cross Cascades “Get a kit. Make a plan. Be informed.” “Get a kit. Make a plan. Be informed.” If you repeat this to yourself […]

How to Get Ready for Wildfire Season During Coronavirus Pandemic

By Red Cross Cascades Region | July 14, 2020

Story by Cynthia Shaw/American Red Cross Disasters won’t stop during the coronavirus outbreak. It is predicted that this year’s wildfire season is going to be more difficult than last due […]

20 Ways to Stay Safe As You Celebrate the Fourth of July

By Red Cross Cascades Region | June 30, 2020

Story by American Red Cross The Fourth of July is just days away, a time when people typically enjoy the summer holiday with backyard barbecues, fireworks or water fun. But […]

Summer Sun Brings Fresh Reminders of Water Safety

By Red Cross Cascades Region | June 23, 2020

Story by Hastings Spencer / Red Cross Cascades Region It’s a summer statistic that sends chills down the spine of parents. Ten people die each day from unintentional drowning, and […]

Make Your Family Quarantine Safe with these Preparedness Activities for Kids

By Chad Carter | April 24, 2020

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, most schools across the country have been forced to close, leaving millions of children at home. With children no longer receiving the same educational […]

Why Right Now is The Right Time to Donate Blood

By Red Cross Cascades Region | March 16, 2020

Story by Hannah. C. Wood / Red Cross Cascades Region Last Wednesday, Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced new rules around mass gatherings, social distancing, and schools. In the days following, as people heed those […]

‘The Red Cross Was There,’ A Mother Shares Her Message Following a Devastating Home Fire (Video)

By Chad Carter | January 28, 2020

Story by Chad Carter/Red Cross Cascades Region The smell of smoke. The crackling of burning wood. The piercing sound of a smoke alarm echoing throughout your home. Home fires can […]