Fire Rages, Red Cross Responds

As I type this, there is a wildfire raging in Central Oregon. And, as I type this, the Red Cross is operating a shelter in Sisters for everyone who has […]

Friends With (Or Without) Pools

Last year, I bemoaned the fact that I had no friends with pools. Well, guess what? I STILL don’t have any friends with pools! This is one of the perils […]

Cast Your Vote In Safety Video Contest!

Lessons learned: Don’t play around with ketchup. Don’t steal golf carts. Don’t throw stuff at your co-workers. While all of these things sound fun (especially throwing stuff at Robin!), each […]

You Can Ring My Bell

Now’s the time of the year when non-profits have volunteers out ringing bells and collecting change. Here in Portland, that’s not our style…but in the Netherlands, well, they make collecting […]

What Do You Need When The Lights Go Out?

According to Portland General Electric, it’s just two things. When I first spotted this PSA, I teared up a little. Yep, it’s that adorable. See for yourself. Admittedly the YouTube […]

A Holiday Gift You Don’t Want

The Oregon Department of Human Services folks did a great job with this PSA, which you should be seeing on a TV near you. If you’re a fan of clever […]

A Message From Gov. Kulongoski… And Elmo

Elmo has been busy lately recording public service announcements with congressmen and governors all across the country – reminding kids to sneeze into their sleeves and wash their hands during […]

Red Cross Piggy Bank

What do you think of this image, from the folks at the Masschusetts Bay (Boston) chapter? Attention-getting, no?

You Are Not Alone, Starring Gary Cooper

“A man fights for what he believes in, Fernando.” Check out this vintage PSA of Gary Cooper fighting for the Red Cross.P.S. We love how Gary notes our role in […]