Rock Star With A Big Heart

Check it out! American Idol finalist, Michael Johns, has made a Christmas album and decided to donate all the proceeds to the American Red Cross and ALS.  (50/50 split). What […]

Hunter S. Thompson on Minor Toilet Articles

How often do you hear the Red Cross quote Hunter S. Thompson? Well, you will here. I’m posting this as a follow up to Lise’s posts yesterday (yes, that’s two […]

Don’t Be A Doofus

Dan Doofus, that is. Poor Dan doesn’t know how to prevent fires. But he’s learning!  I watched these short Fire Prevention Week cartoons on my way to work this morning […]

It’s Our Wendy!

Once upon a time… or, well, actually yesterday… our friend John visited our other friend Wendy. John asked Wendy just one question about preparedness. He said, “What should we tell the […]