In the Aftermath of Wildfires, the Devastation Becomes More Clear

September 28, 2020

Story and photos by Lynette Nyman / Red Cross Cascades Region When the Holiday Farm Fire blazed through the McKenzie River Valley in Oregon people fled to the east and […]

“That’s what we do”: The Albins’ story of sheltering their neighbors

September 25, 2020

Story by Greta Gustafson, photos by Axl David / Red Cross Cascades Region At 11 am on Tuesday, September 8th, Patty and Chuck Albins’ phone rang. It was the call they were prepared […]

Red Cross Volunteers from Ohio, Deliver a Warm Meal to those Returning to their Homes in Oregon

September 21, 2020

Story and photos by Lynette Nyman / Red Cross Cascades Region In the two weeks since the start of Oregon’s wildfire disaster, the American Red Cross has provided tens of […]

With One Question, Red Cross Volunteers Help Comfort Oregon Family Impacted by Wildfires

September 18, 2020

Story by Lynette Nyman / Red Cross Cascades Region In non-pandemic times, I’d get to hold and play with baby Shiloh. I’d make baby sounds, play peek-a-boo and generally make a […]

For Oregon Evacuees, the Smile Behind the Mask is Magic

September 17, 2020

Story and Photos by Axl David / Red Cross Cascades Region Amid the smoky air surrounding the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem, Oregon, volunteer Michael Watkins seemed unfazed. For nearly a week, […]

When Oregon Wildfires Devastated My State, Six Words Changed Me Forever

September 16, 2020

Story and photos by Tami Aalto / Red Cross Cascades Region I am a disaster relief worker. Those are six words I never thought I would say.  I have worked with […]

New Volunteers Help Red Cross Build Wildfire Cleanup Kits, for Those Impacted by Wildfires

September 15, 2020

Story and photos by Lynette Nyman / Red Cross Cascades Region After damaging and historic wildfires swept through Oregon, starting on Labor Day 2020, many friends and neighbors of those […]

Red Cross Aids Hundreds of Oregonians Forced to Flee Wildfires

September 13, 2020

Story by Patricia Griffiths / Red Cross Cascades “I’m standing in smoky ash-filled air in Salem now, and it’s difficult to breathe even with a mask,” said Chad Carter, Red […]

Red Crosser Proud to Put Her “Boots on the Ground” in South Texas

August 27, 2020

Story by Harriet Vanderbilt / Red Cross Cascades When Katelyn Dzialowy was asked if she wanted to deploy to Texas to support those impacted by a recent hurricane, she jumped […]

As a Red Cross Volunteer, My Reason for Donating Blood Hits Close to Home

August 19, 2020

Story by Hannah C. Wood / Red Cross Cascades I’ve volunteered for the Red Cross for the past four years in different capacities. Often, I write about other long-time blood […]