Cascades Region volunteers sacrifice holidays with family to support those impacted by Kentucky tornadoes

January 6, 2022

Story by Dawn Johnson/Red Cross Cascades Region Nearly a month after an outbreak of deadly tornadoes cut through the heart of the Midwest and South in December 2021, Red Cross […]

Cascades Region volunteer Nina Sjoding personifies the Red Cross mission

January 4, 2022

Story by Harriet Vanderbilt/Red Cross Cascades Region Nina Sjoding lives the Red Cross mission.  She is passionate about her work as a Service to Armed Forces Resiliency Workshop facilitator and […]

Binational Health Week 2021 Highlights Collaboration Between Red Cross and Community Partners

October 18, 2021

Story by Harriet Vanderbilt/Red Cross Cascades Region Binational Health Week was created 20 years ago as a week-long celebration.  Over time, it has become a month-long series of community-focused activities […]

Red Cross Experience Provides Inspiration for Volunteer to Become Frontline Wildfire Firefighter

October 5, 2021

Story by Patricia Griffiths/Red Cross Cascades Region Soot grinds into eyes. Heat sears through three layers of clothing. The raging fire roars into ears. Fighting the 220,000-acre Caldor fire in […]

Red Cross Helps Connect Mom with her Deployed Marine Husband After Son’s Injury

September 15, 2021

Story by Denise Holley and Judi Mahoney / Red Cross Cascades Region When her 11-year-old son fell at school and nearly fractured his cranium in 2012, Tania Vera was desperate to […]

Washington State Trooper Provides Roadside Help to Red Cross Volunteer Delivering Lifesaving Blood Products

July 29, 2021

Story by Harriet Vanderbilt / Red Cross Cascades Region When Red Cross transportation specialist Holland Golec drove north on I-5 on April 11, 2021, the last thing he expected was […]

Historic multi-day heatwave, pushes Cascades Region volunteers to adapt to yet another disaster like no other

June 30, 2021

Story by Sarah Cagann/Red Cross Cascades Region We saw the forecasts and read the headlines; a dangerous multi-day, triple-digit heatwave was coming to the Cascades Region. Yet it was still […]

For Some Military Families, Hope, Comfort and Good News Comes with a Red Cross Smile

April 29, 2021

Story by Colleen Hathaway / Red Cross Cascades Region It’s not every day that Heidi Shuford can deliver good news.  As a Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) […]

Sound the Alarm is Back in 2021 to Inspire Everyone to Make their Homes Safer

April 8, 2021

Story by Patricia Griffiths / Red Cross Cascades Region With the whir of a screwdriver and chirp of a tested alarm, Cascades Region volunteer Jon Grasle wraps up another day’s […]

Tom Murotake Symbolizes Perseverance and Determination for the Red Cross

March 18, 2021

Story by Harriet Vanderbilt / Red Cross Cascades Region He just keeps “going and going and going!” In 1989, this Energizer Bunny slogan created a brand that is still recognized […]