Sound the Alarm is Back in 2021 to Inspire Everyone to Make their Homes Safer

April 8, 2021

Story by Patricia Griffiths / Red Cross Cascades Region With the whir of a screwdriver and chirp of a tested alarm, Cascades Region volunteer Jon Grasle wraps up another day’s […]

Tom Murotake Symbolizes Perseverance and Determination for the Red Cross

March 18, 2021

Story by Harriet Vanderbilt / Red Cross Cascades Region He just keeps “going and going and going!” In 1989, this Energizer Bunny slogan created a brand that is still recognized […]

In Honor of International Women’s Day, We Remember Clara Barton

March 8, 2021

Story by Ali Hargrave / Red Cross Cascades Region Behind every successful philanthropic effort is an individual who cared enough to enlist others on behalf of a cause they knew […]

March is Red Cross Month: Thank you, Volunteers!

March 3, 2021

Story by Colleen Hathaway / Red Cross Cascades Region March is Red Cross Month:  Thank you, Volunteers! Franklin D. Roosevelt first proclaimed March as Red Cross Month in 1943 to honor […]

How One Disaster Can Inspire Change Across The Country

January 13, 2021

Story by Ali Hargrave / Red Cross Cascades Region It’s hard to believe that it has already been six months since the 2020 Oregon Wildfires devastated our region. Though disasters […]

Red Cross Volunteers Show Resilience During a Fire Season Like No Other

December 8, 2020

Story by Julia Green / Red Cross Cascades Region It’s early September in Oregon, and Rebecca Marshall has worked as the Regional Disaster Officer of the Red Cross Cascades Region […]

Amid the Aftermath of Devastation, Blue River is Rising

November 19, 2020

Story by Harriet Vanderbilt / Photos by Liz Miller / Red Cross Cascades Region The rustic riverside town of Blue River, Oregon is a special community. Like so many communities […]

Cascades Region Nurse Recognized with Prestigious Red Cross Scholarship

November 5, 2020

Story by Hastings Spencer / Red Cross Cascades Region Compassion is the cornerstone of service at the Red Cross, going back to its roots very roots with the iconic Red […]

In the Aftermath of Wildfires, the Devastation Becomes More Clear

September 28, 2020

Story and photos by Lynette Nyman / Red Cross Cascades Region When the Holiday Farm Fire blazed through the McKenzie River Valley in Oregon people fled to the east and […]

“That’s what we do”: The Albins’ story of sheltering their neighbors

September 25, 2020

Story by Greta Gustafson, photos by Axl David / Red Cross Cascades Region At 11 am on Tuesday, September 8th, Patty and Chuck Albins’ phone rang. It was the call they were prepared […]