Saving Our Own

Those of us that work here at the Red Cross know that this organization saves and rebuilds lives. That’s what we work for, and it feels good to do so. However, once in a while something happens that makes everything we do just a little more personal—that’s when the Red Cross saves or rebuilds our lives or the lives of those close to us.

Elana Brazile, business manager here in Health and Safety, took her son to a birthday party at a local pool last weekend. He was playing in the shallow end and appeared to be perfectly safe doing so. He then climbed atop a floating board, which made its way to the deeper end—that’s when he lost his grip, fell into the water and panicked.

The lifeguard was right on top of the situation, of course. She jumped in and had him pulled back over into the shallow side so quickly that Elana hadn’t even notice what happened. Quietly and quickly, Elana’s son Asaiah’s life had been saved by a lifeguard trained by the Red Cross.

Of the lifeguard’s work, Elana stated, “I was very impressed with how quickly and professionally she responded. I’m grateful that in her approach to Asaiah, she didn’t scare the daylights out of him either. He stayed in the pool and continued to play on the more shallow side.”

So not only was the lifeguard well-trained, courageous and quick-thinking, she was respectful of Asaiah and his desire to keep playing. She didn’t scold the boy or anyone else, and yet, as Elana explained, Asaiah still got the message: “He had been taking swimming lessons, but hadn’t been very focused on learning the required skills. He is much more focused now.”

If you have read the blog in the past, you are probably familiar with how the Red Cross has touched my life. Because of this experience, I can tell you that what Elana does every day now has probably become just a little more personal. If she weren’t motivated to work her hardest before (which, trust me, she was anyway) she sure would be now.

Thanks be to that lifeguard, and the Red Cross as a whole.

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