Got Kids?

It’s Tuesday! The day that dvds are released. And this Tuesday there’s one dvd to be particularly excited about:

SeeMore’s Playhouse is a weekly PBS childrens show, featuring puppets who teach kids how to be safe in all sorts of situtations. The Red Cross serves as “subject matter experts and technical advisors” for the show (that’s the official wording). It’s a partnership with the organization Safety4Kids, and I think it’s really cool. Cool that there’s a kid’s show devoted to learning safety and cool that they are partnering with the Red Cross so that kids get the best info available. I don’t have any kids of my own, but I know some parents I’ll be recommending this to!

More dvds will be released in the near future. In the meantime you can watch SeeMore’s Playhouse here in Portland on OPB at 7am Saturdays.

One thought on “Got Kids?

  • Hi Robin, thanks so much for this post. SeeMore’s Playhouse is a wonderfully fun show for preschoolers. It’s got catchy songs, great jokes, and an important message, as you at the Red Cross well know.

    OPB is very involved with the show so if you or any chapter members have any questions or suggestions about it please contact me anytime at or 503.977.7780.

    Arf arf 🙂

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