Don8 Bl%d

Wow, I just found out about this! Blood Services (partnering with Cricket wireless, Z100, and Oaks Park) is running a blood drive contest in Portland area high schools.

The “don8 bl%d” campaign encourages students in 97 Portland area schools to donate blood throughout the year by providing a unique incentive: the school in each division (6A, 5A etc.) with the highest per-capita percentage of presenting donations between January and June will win a summer kick-off party at Oaks Park and VIP passes to a Z100 concert at Sellwood Waterfront Park. The party and VIP concert passes will be available to all students who arrive to present, to donate blood or volunteer during the competition.

The official numbers:

High school students who donate blood in Oregon and Washington account for more than 24,000 pints of blood. But when the school year ends, the American Red Cross sees its blood bank dwindle as student donations drop off and teens focus on summer vacation with their families. The Red Cross and Cricket hope to change that trend with a new program encouraging students to donate blood more regularly — including during the summer.

Man, and all I get for donating is a cookie! Hm…wondering if I could still pass for a high school student…

(just kidding!…really!)


  • Thanks for blogging about this, Robin! You know, I think I could probably pass for a high schooler…hmmm…. 🙂
    -Tara Trullinger

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