Got Ink?

There’s a common myth that people who have recently been tattooed can’t donate blood. (Even I thought it was true!) Well that’s not necessarily true, and our folks in Blood Services have just started a campaign to do some myth-busting.

If you can’t read the text on that photo of the poster, it says:

If you received a tattoo from a state-regulated parlor in Oregon, you may still be eligible to donate blood. If you received a body piercing in the past 12 months from a sterile or single-use needle, you may still be eligible to donate blood. Why not help save lives? We know you’re not afraid of needles.

For more info call 1-800-GIVE LIFE or go to


  • So I am not all tatted up, but I have a needle or two hit me. I am on the 8 week call list as for giving blood. As the 8 weeks of my past donation expire they call me to give my next.

    Now if you get work done in a PARLOR that is SAFE you can give in most states. So dont give me that BS.

    My thoughts are if you make it to the drive, and are told you cannot give then you tried. TURN THE KEY IN YOUR CAR AND DRIVE TO THE BLOOD DRIVE. The least you can do is try. If you dont, then when you get in a car wreck and need blood. you can have some tap water.

  • Heh. Our friend Jennie at the Water Bureau wouldn't approve of tap water being used in such a manner, I don't think.

    But, yeah, we totally agree. That's why — when we do special giveaways at blood drives — all you have to do to be entered to win is show up (or, in Red Cross lingo, "present"). You don't have to give; you just have to try.

    So give it a chance, folks. You've got nothing to lose, but the people who need your blood to live certainly do.

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