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Yes, that’s right. I’m here in Baltimore, blogging straight from the Red Cross National Convention. It really hasn’t started yet — most workshops will happen tomorrow — but I already had the chance to register and check out the convention center. I’ve maybe even had the chance to buy some presents…

I’ve been charged with only one duty here in Baltimore…to meet the infamous Wendy, the Red Cross employee responsible for Red Cross Chat, the national blog. Robin’s a big fan and Wendy sometimes comments on our blog, so I’m excited to get to meet her in person. I tried to find her this morning, but she wasn’t at the blog booth, so no luck yet.

In other news, I had the chance to chat about the blog with Thomas Bruner, our CEO, as we went through airport security. He asked a little bit about blogging and what it might entail, so it seemed appropriate to broach an important question — would he consider being one of our bloggers? And he said yes! So look forward to Thomas adding his thoughts, straight from the top, in the future. My honest opinion is that Thomas will make a great blogger, willing to tackle some tough issues and generate a little controversy. His posts should be fun to read.

What else? Well, you heard it here first. I met the very nice gentleman responsible for the ARC national Web site and he showed off the new look that it will get come June. We’re working on a new look for the OTC Web site as well, so stay tuned to both over the next few months.

I think that’s it for now. I’ll be going to a session all about the new “Change a Life” campaign tomorrow and will surely keep you posted on all the excitement (and crab cakes) that Baltimore has to offer!



    The Fred Brito Company, LLC, received this message earlier today from a Red Cross Employee in Las Cruces, N.M.. regarding Mr. Brito’s attempt to donate $50,000.00 to the fledging Red Cross Chapter here in Las Cruces, NM. The author’s name has been removed for their own protection.

    This is exactly what I heard just this morning.

    Fred Brito, a guy who has been on Dateline NBC, Dr. Phil, offered the Southwest Red Cross $50,000.00 to help bail us out in order to keep our jobs and the doors open and the Red Cross Director Princess and Misty Laws the Chairperson refused it. Why? Because Fred Brito has a record.

    When I heard this I was in shock. Here I need my job and these idiots who run this place refuse $50,000. Now how stupid is this?

    If the Red Cross was really worried about its future, they would have accepted the check. How many people do you know is ready to hand over a check for $50K?

    If you want to know more contact this guy Fred Brito. Google him. I can’t give out the info, but he is very easy to find.


    Response from Fred Brito

    Unfortunately, it is all true. I could say more, but what is the use.

    I raised over six million dollars as Chief of Development at the Red Cross in Southern California during Katrina. I thought I could help out here as well. I guess people who are not so perfect like myself or who have made a mistake in life can’t give money away.

    Now, I wonder if the Red Cross asks if you have made a mistake or been to prison BEFORE they provide any kind of assistance.

    In my view this could be a clear cut matter of discrimination. And when I asked the Red Cross why they would not accept my gift, they merely told me, “we don’t want to have an association with you.”

    While that might be a good answer, if clearly smacks as an insult to a man bearing a gift that according to them is “desperately needed.”

    Desperately needed yes, but NOT from “imperfect people.”

    Oh well, . . . I suspect that I live in a City of “Perfect People” who enjoy sitting in judgment of others, while never once looking in the mirror at themselves.

    I’d enjoy hearing your comments on this subject.

    Write to me at: TheBenevolentCon@mac.com

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