You Can Win!! Even if Biffle Didn’t…

Believe it or not, Talladega was on my TV for at least an hour yesterday. I didn’t watch the whole thing, but I did take the time to look up the results.

Sadly, Greg Biffle did not win, though he did come in 18th. Not a bad showing overall, especially when you consider that he gets close to $100,000.

But regardless of how Greg did, there’s still ample time for YOU to win! Not Talladega, silly. But a VIP, all-expenses paid trip for two to the Phoenix race. You can also win other things — t-shirts, caps and keychains, for example. And it’s all for a really great cause.


  • if you aren’t into nascar, which i have gathered you are not, the best part of the race is about the last half hour or so, maybe the last 50 laps. The road courses are fun to watch, also.

    Biffle got in a good wreck yesterday near the end of the race and still managed to finish in the top 20. Not bad at all 🙂

  • Thanks for the tip! I had read about the wreck, but wasn’t sure who exactly was involved. But you’re right — to have had that happen and still finish where he did is excellent.

    My understanding is that Biffle will be competing more with the same car, so I’ll definitely take your advice on the last 30 minutes the next time I watch. And, yes, there will surely be a next time!

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