Win A Free Emergency Radio!

(Warning: This post contains a profusion of exclamation points.)

Welcome readers who followed the link from our One Minute Update e-newsletter! (For those who don’t yet get the One Minute Update, look in the right-hand sidebar for the sign-up box. It’s a great source of info and much better written than any of my blog posts.)

Now let’s talk about this prize…The American Red Cross FR250 Emergency Radio. This may be the coolest radio ever. It’s got a hand-crank and rechargeable battery (that recharges by cranking) so you never have to worry about a power source. It also has a built-in flashlight, siren, and cellphone charger! But the very best part is that it picks up not only AM and FM, but also shortwave radio! I got one of these last fall and have found endless hours of entertainment picking up random shortwave stations.

Retail value: $50. Cost to you: Free! (If you win.)

Oh, and for those concerned about style during disaster, it comes with a sleek little black carrying bag.

How can YOU win this fantastic gadget? Just leave a comment on this post about one way you have recently gotten prepared for disaster or how you plan to get prepared. The person who leaves the most impressive answer wins! EDIT: Okay, we’ve decided we’ll put all the comments in a hat and pick at random to be more fair. 

Deadline: Tuesday Monday, May 5th, noon 5pm. (Cinco de Mayo!) We’ll announce the winner here on the blog the same day first thing Tuesday morning.

Technical details:
– OTC employees are not eligible to win. (Volunteers are though!)
– Winner must pick up prize here at the Chapter. (Don’t worry, we don’t bite.)
– Check back here on Cinco de Mayo to see if you won. If you’re the winner, email me to arrange prize pick-up.

Now comment away! (If you want you can even post a photo of your disaster preparedness efforts on our I’m Red Cross Ready Flickr pool.)


  • Very funny, “annonymous”! Well, you never can have too many emergency supplies. If you win, maybe you can take the other radio to work.

    I guess I’ll share what I just did to prepare (even though I can’t win, AND I already have the awesome FR250 radio anyway). Today I emailed my whole family in the Midwest and asked them to register on so that if there’s a disaster and I can’t get in touch with them, they can post on Safe & Well and let me know they’re okay.

  • I’ve got a large amount of canned goods that I purchased at Costco.

    They’re not neccesarily there for emergencies… they’re more for me to cook with. But in case of emergency, I’ve got cases of canned tomatoes and pineapple.

  • Well, I’ve now printed out the list about how to make a kit for an emergency situation TWO TIMES. Yes, that means that not only am I incredible procrastinator, but I’m also an overachieving procrastinator. No really, I’m going to start stocking up on these items *this* weekend. I will be registering on Safe&Well today and emailing my family back east about it so they can find me if a disaster happens.

    Do I get a Gold star?

  • I can’t win, but I’ll throw in that I actually bought AND INSTALLED new 10 year lithium batteries in my smoke detectors last weekend.

    Like b*, I’m a procrastinator, so the installation part could have taken years. Now I’m good until around 2013 when the smoke detectors themselves will have to be replaced entirely.

    The next step is to take my emergency radio and first aid kit home from the office (darned procrastination) and put them somewhere useful. And to add some additional food and water to my one-person disaster kit, which is the one thing that’s at home already.

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