Holocaust Answers Bring Closure to One Oregon Family

You might remember the story of Ruth Lindemann, which was featured on the home page of the Red Cross national website just a month or so ago.

Well, a note from Ruth herself just crossed my desk, and I wanted to share it with you.

To the Oregon Trail Chapter:
On behalf of all our family, I send thanks and a contribution to show our appreciation for your help in finding the whereabouts of our murdered family members and providing us with a sense of closure to this horrible chapter in our history. Special thanks to Polly Alexander.

Though the family’s story had a sad ending, closure and new knowledge made it a little easier to bear. I’m so proud of the international work our caseworkers do — this is truly one of the more fascinating elements of what the Red Cross does.
P.S. Special thanks also to our incredible writing volunteer, Roger Anthony, for telling Ruth’s story in such a moving manner.