Celebrating Two Decades of Hope

As the American Red Cross Holocaust and War Victims Tracing Center celebrates it’s 20th birthday, I thought I’d share some of our photos of those we’ve helped locally. It’s incredible […]

Clara Barton and the History Detectives!

Tonight at 9pm, the History Detectives of PBS will attempt to uncover the mystery of a letter that appears to be written by American Red Cross founder, Clara Barton! The […]

War And Peace Of Mind

Perhaps you recall reading Willamette Week a while back and hearing a little bit about Oregonian Sarah Krakauer, who opened up a Holocaust tracing with our chapter. Well now, in […]

Works Begins On Four Holocaust Tracings

It’s not every day that we get a Holocaust tracing request. With each year that passes, the requests are fewer and further between, as those who survived World War II […]

Red Cross Reunites Siblings Separated By WWII

There’s not much I can say about this story, other than…WOW. You can also see the CNN version here. If you’re interested in Holocaust/WWII tracing services and live in Portland, […]

Making Connections on World Refugee Day

Did you know that tomorrow is World Refugee Day? Angelina Jolie did. Here at the Oregon Trail Chapter, we make it a point to connect refugees with their families via […]