Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

You probably don’t wonder why I’ve called this press conference. There have been rumors swirling all around the interwebs and on the celebrity gossip channels for weeks that my days with OTC are numbered. I have called this meeting to set the record straight.

Today is my last day with OTC.

The Red Cross and I are parting on the best of terms and in the best of ways–for my own personal growth. I will shortly begin a Master’s program in Public Administration at Portland State University, and will complete the program quickly only if I can work part-time throughout. That means that I am stepping down as Safety Training and Product Consultant in the Health and Safety Department.

I have complete confidence in my replacement, Reg Hendrix, to be able to continue the legacy of customer satisfaction and co-worker happiness that I hope to leave.

I have never worked at a place as blissfully different as the Red Cross. When I am asked about my job, I always reply, “I’ve never seen anything like it. Everyone seems genuinely happy to come to work every day.” Part of it is that they are phenomenal individuals, all. The other part has to be due to the mission of the Red Cross itself, and the part that each of us play in its progress. Everyone at OTC is as committed to the happiness of co-workers as they are to the happiness of the community. For that I am eternally grateful.

It is no secret how deeply the Red Cross has touched my life, and if Robin has her way then you (and every human on earth–and beyond!) will know how deeply the Red Cross can touch yours. I encourage you all to find out–OTC will jump at the chance to show you.

With that, I bid a fond adieu.

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  • We’ll miss you Cooper! Thanks for everything you’ve done, including kick-starting the creation of this blog. You better keep in touch!

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