Preparing for the “New Normal”

With disasters occurring at what seems like a frightening pace across the country and around the world, the “new normal” really pushes America to start developing a culture of preparedness.

After talking about just this at our recent strategic planning retreat, I was pleased to see this article on the CNN website by Retired Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honoré.

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Honoré speak before and I can tell you that he’s both smart and persuasive. And, after watching the accompanying video, I also know that he’s the ultimate American Red Cross spokesperson.

Honoré runs through the basic tips to being Red Cross Ready like nobody’s business, pausing only to remind people to look out for their elderly or disabled neighbors in a disaster. He touts the benefits of crank radios and shows off what goes in a disaster kit.

In the end, he sums things up with this:

Get with your local Red Cross — they have this information. Be informed. Get
your family ready. Get your neighbors ready. Hurricane season’s coming — when
they say evacuate, get outta there.

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