World Blood Donor Day: It Even Has A Theme Song!

There is something you must understand about me. I love theme songs. Sappy ones, silly ones, soaring instrumental ones… I love them all. So you can imagine my excitement this morning when I discovered that World Blood Donor Day (which is this Saturday, June 14th!) has it’s own theme song. It’s called We Shine As One. Commissioned by Canadian Blood Services and Héma Québec, it has both English and French lyrics. (Anyone want to translate for me?) According to the official press release, it’s performed by award-winning musicians:

…double Juno-award winner Liberty Silver, cross-over classical singer Giorgia Fumanti, Latin jazz singer Amanda Martinez, alt-rock singers Edwin and Mista D, 16-year-old jazz sensation Sophie Berkal-Sarbit, leading R&B hip hop vocalist Dru (In Essence), the cast of the hit musical We Will Rock You and the Renee Rowe Singers… Written by Eric Mercury and Broadway sensation Brenda Russell (The Colour Purple)… Mercury signed on long-time co-collaborator Thelonious Monk III to add drums to the track which also features Canadian jazz heavyweight Bill King on the organ, bassist Etric Lyons (Kush), and percussionist Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo (Hilario Duran)… Writer/producer Eric Mercury, is known worldwide for his musical expertise and celebrated collaborations with Roberta Flack, Stevie Wonder and countless other icons.

If you want to hear the coolest blood donor theme song ever, listen to it below or click here. You can also download the lyrics here.
And then, once you have the song forever stuck in your head, go give blood. The whole world is doing it! Look up blood drive locations here.

We Shine As One

C’est ensemble qu’on brillera

In the time that it takes
To roll up your sleeve
And the light from your heart shines through
May the blood that you give
Help somebody to live
It’ll shine the light back to you
It’ll shine it right back to you…