“Woohoo! Red Cross!” : The Parade Recap

As I predicted, yesterday turned out to be wonderful weather for marching in the Pride Parade. Sunny with a lovely cool breeze.

We wore our Red Cross t-shirts, carried banners and signs about preparedness (build a kit, make a plan, sign up for pet first aid, etc.) and marched in front of the red Yukon, which was decked out with Red Cross flags and banners for the Seven Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross Movement (voluntary service, humanity, impartiality, etc.). 

We didn’t know what to expect since this was our first year in the parade, but it turned out that people loved us! Most of the parade-goers would cheer and shout “Woohoo, Red Cross!” whenever they saw us, and a few people had some things to say that made us say “Woohoo!”… Just a few that I remember:
– “I just got certified in CPR last week!”
– “That’s right honey, make a plan.” [A mom to her daughter when she saw one of our signs.]
– “You guys are literally saving lives. Thank you.” 
It was a great time. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on the coordination and decorations! See more photos (including Bonnie, the cutest parade dog) here

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  • We had numerous first-timers in the parade this year. Thank you very much for participating and for supporting our community. It was a fantastic weekend!

    Debra Porta
    Pride Northwest, Inc.

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