Kids Prove To Be Useful

Who knew?

I just spotted this story and wanted to share. I’m not sure who I’m more impressed with — the 3-year-old who called 9-1-1 when her mom fainted or the mom who taught her daughter just what to do in case of an emergency.

Given mom’s apparent health concerns, she thought ahead and made a plan; a plan which certainly came in handy this May. What have you done to make sure your family is Red Cross Ready?

If anyone knows the tune to “9-1-1 Green,” please share. I’m pretty sure we could convince Robin to make a YouTube video of the song…


  • Sooo cute! And exacty what saves lives in disaster. Having practiced a routine (or song) so that when crisis happens and your thinking skills are cloudy you’ll remember what to do.

    There’s a video interview on the left-hand sidebar of that page you linked to. The mom briefly sings the song.

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