Are You An Adult Who Can’t Swim?

A 30-something friend of mine doesn’t know how to ride a bike.

But before you fall on the floor laughing, bear in mind that this 30-year-old reporter doesn’t know how to swim.

Point being, lots of adults don’t know how to do the things many of us learned as little kids. A bad experience, lack of access or interest in water activities, parents that didn’t learn themselves…it can all boil down to a major embarrassment.

But it doesn’t have to be. As it turns out, plenty of adults “take the plunge” and learn to swim right here in Portland.

Our own Eldon Lampson (soon to be a Cross Blog contributor!) had this to offer:

Everyone should know basics, says Eldon Lampson of the Red Cross Oregon
Trail chapter, especially in the Northwest, where canoeing, rafting and kayaking
are everyday activities for many.
Before joining the Red Cross, Lampson
taught swimming in Molalla. He quickly learned the pros and cons of working with
grown-ups. They know their bodies better than children do, but they also tend to
“You can show a kid, ‘I want your arms to do this,’ and they’ll
copycat you,” Lampson says. “You show an adult, and they’ll ask a thousand
questions about why your arm has to move that direction at that angle.”

If you’re an adult (or a kid) who wants to learn to swim, consider signing up with a Red Cross authorized provider. You can see the whole list of pools that offer our training right here.

Photo courtesy of grandjury