Cross Blog: A World-Wide Favourite!

You know that expression about closing a door and opening a window? Well, we got first hand knowledge of the aphorism this morning, when a fun e-mail arrived in my inbox.

If you recall, today is the last day at work for Gareth Nevitt, our COO, my boss and an all-around great guy. He’s also British, which is neither good nor bad…except when he spells things like “color” or “theater” wrong.

But have no fear! We’ve not lost all our connections across the pond, as I just received a lovely e-mail from Dan Hunter, who’s responsible for “digital fundraising” at the British Red Cross.

Dan is a fan of Cross Blog and was looking for some tips to use on the British Red Cross blogjust like the folks at CRESA. Since Robin and I are Anglophiles, we’re totally going to help them out, though we think they should probably fly us over there so we can provide the most in-depth, comprehensive training possible.

Anyway, we love the fact that as one Brit steps out, a new one steps in to take his place. I can’t wait to see if Dan will do some Geico gecko impressions for us…


  • Thank you so much for the write up. Where is Gareth off to? Surely he is not coming back to Britain, he’d be stupid to its raining as always!
    As for the Geico gecko – I have no idea what this is, this is one thing that doesn’t apper to have made it across the pond.
    Keep up with the good work though, I’m completely connected to the blog – twitter, emails etc got it coming out of my ears.

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