In Honor Of Our Worthy Opponents

I just wanted to finish up BLOG OFF 2008 with a tribute to our opponents at the Water Blog. They’ve been good sports and challenging creative competitors.  (And by “they” I guess I really mean Jennie since she was the lead Blog Off writer). 

So here I present to you my all-time favorite song about water. Turn up your speakers!

“Tokyo Narita” by the late, great Logan Whitehurst.


  • OK so that was gory and funny all at the same time. I couldn’t decide if I should cringe or laugh. I love this blog!

  • Other water song contendahs?

    “Splish, Splash” by Bobby Darin

    “Here Comes The Rain Again,” by Eurythmics

    “Blackwater,” by Doobie Bros.

    “Beyond the Sea,” also by Bobby Darin

  • so who won the Blog Off anyways??? Of course my votes were cast for CROSS BLOG, but curious as to what Mercury/WW folks have to say…

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