O Katrina! An (Unconventional) Video Remembrance

Today marks the three-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. And as New Orleans holds memorial ceremonies, residents are also preparing for Gustav and the likelihood of evacuations…the first since 2005.

In honor of the anniversary, I thought I’d share this video, which juxtaposes concert footage with images of New Orleans and its people, many of which are from after the storm. Though I’m sure the band’s “garage-flavored punk rock ” isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (I imagine many of you might ask why I posted noise, screaming and booty-shaking), if you must, fast-forward to the very final image. It will surely give you pause.

No matter what you think of the music, “O Katrina!” is catchy. Here are the lyrics, just in case it gets stuck in your head:

O Katrina why you gotta be mean
You broke my heart way down in New Orleans
I can’t believe what I saw on the TV screen
O Katrina why can’t you be serene
O Katrina why you gotta be mean

One thought on “O Katrina! An (Unconventional) Video Remembrance

  • leave it to the cross blog to provide hip and moving material at the same time! oh katrina why you gotta be mean – take your boyfriend gustav and leave the scene! ok not as cool as you guys but katrina anniversary and gustav looming can weigh one down

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