Intl. Humanitarian Law, Taught By The Best In The Nation

If you’ve ever taken a class, you know that the instructor makes all the difference. Engaging instructor = lots of fun. Boring instructor = a complete waste of your time. Fortunately, we’re lucky to have tons of the engaging instructor variety around the Red Cross.

What’s more, our next International Humanitarian Law class is being taught by NATIONAL instructors from all over the country. These people know their stuff and have personal experiences and stories to share with attendees (as do our local folks, I assure you). But this really is a special opportunity.

NOTE: These are the instructors who TEACH our instructors. This isn’t to say that our local folks aren’t authorized to teach nationally, just that those teaching this particular class actually “train the trainers.” So that’s what makes it different than normal. Did that make sense?

Here are the details for this FREE class:

Tuesday, September 16
1 pm-5 pm
Oregon Trail Chapter HQ

3131 N. Vancouver Ave. (Tillamook Room)
Register by calling Kelly Scott at 503-582-5663

Check out these FAQs about IHL:

Q. How does International Humanitarian Law affect ME?
A. International Humanitarian Law affects everyone because we live in an international community. Crises that occur in other countries directly and indirectly affect us psychologically, philosophically or spiritually, sociologically, politically, and economically. For example, the US may be involved in an armed conflict in another country that directly impacts family members with ties to those countries, or who have loved ones in the military.

Q. What will I learn?
A. The capacity to view conflict situations at home and abroad from a humanitarian perspective that places respect for and protection of life and human dignity at the center of the analysis.

Q. How can I help?
A. Active involvement in community service or in other forms of mobilization to protect and promote humanitarian attitudes.