Ike Will Get No Sympathy From Us!

[It must be game week around here. Seems like all I’ve been blogging about are games!]

I’ve never played Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but apparently there is this character in the game named Ike. Well, that got the folks at WiiNintendo.net thinking, “Hey, we’ve got this character named Ike, and now there’s this hurricane also named Ike…” And that’s how they came up with “Ike Will Get No Sympathy From Us!“-  a plan to use Ike to raise money for hurricane relief.
They’re asking gamers to record themselves battling Ike in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and send in the video. WiiNintendo.net will showcase the videos along with a button encouraging people to donate to the Red Cross. Apparently there might also be prizes for folks who get involved! 
They’ve already started posting videos and are talking about expanding the contest.
Here’s one of the videos (I just grabbed the top one): 

UPDATE: My sweetie just called to suggest that I ask our readers to get me a Wii so that I can battle Ike. I honestly think your money would be better spent donating to the Disaster Relief Fund…but if you happen to have a spare Wii laying around I wouldn’t say no to battling Ike with you!