Ready to travel the ‘Organ’ Trail?

Occasionally we find something just so quirky and fun, that it demands a mention! I will admit that like many people, I grew up outside of Oregon with this perspective […]

Duck and Beaver Fans: A Second Way To Win Big!

Do you log on to to catch up on news, weather, entertainment and most importantly….sports? This year, OregonLive continues as a sponsor for our 10th Anniversary Civil War Blood […]

Scene It? The Red Cross Edition

If you’ve never seen Hotel Rwanda, this film is definitely in my top five. Rewatching it the other day, I recalled how heavily the movie featured the Red Cross. That, […]

Zombiefest: Virtual Gaming For A Cause

So, my twin brother plays Warcraft. Therefore, I know that people have fought demons, forged international alliances and even eloped on virtual landscapes. Much like Warcraft’s online world, a sim […]

Beat The Clock!

Can you gather four disaster kit items from a supermarket in less than 60 seconds? Before scaring others with your mad-dash through Safeway, practice this challenge online! The coolest part […]

Practice Makes Perfect

So the pandemic flu has been in news coverage for quite awhile. This might cause one to feel apprehensive or fearful of the future and how to prepare. Luckily, I’ve […]

Prepare-aphernalia: Pocket Posh Game Books

If you listened to the first episode of Ready Radio, you know that we talked about how to stay entertained while you shelter in place. While we mostly focused on […]

The Wii: A Great Jenny Craig Supplement!

One of the more famous services the Red Cross provides are CPR classes. Heart disease, as we all know, is the leading cause of death in the United States. One […]

Beat The Virus With Swinefighter

You knew it was just a matter of time before someone put together a swine flu game. And now that the threat is a little less dire, we can have […]

Robots In Service To America

The year is 2165. Every AmeriCorps and VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) volunteer has been replaced by killer robots. It’s your job to save the world. Long before President […]