Scene It? The Red Cross Edition

If you’ve never seen Hotel Rwanda, this film is definitely in my top five. Rewatching it the other day, I recalled how heavily the movie featured the Red Cross. That, combined with the board game Scene It? gave me a crazy (but fun) idea: Scene It? The Red Cross Edition.

Consider the incredible reach of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (IFRC) throughout the world. Consider how expansive and varied the services are, from transportation assistance to blood donation to military casework.

Because of our international presence and reputation, the IFRC has shown up in all kinds of films (e.g. Bruce Almighty, Beyond Borders, Hotel Rwanda, Déjà vu, In Love and War, Thank You For Smoking, War of The Worlds, World Trade Center, Road To Guantanamo Bay, Dragonfly, Hart’s War, Harvard Man). Therefore, game answers could include actors playing Red Cross characters, services featured in films and television, as well as other pop culture references. Our chapter has already created a card game and disaster wheel, why not expand into the board game territory?

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  • I do so wish I had known about your card game before now! The service club I co-sponsor is doing a lock-in this coming weekend that will have them set up a mock shelter, register as disaster clients, and end with them getting training to work in a shelter in the event of a disaster. The club paid for the event with a grant from Do Something! Your card game would have been a perfect addition!
    (Incidentally, my functional life-skills class made a card game about disaster preparedness as well, that is based on the card game Fluxx.)

  • Hi Magi,

    It's always nice to have readers from outside the northwest! I wish our card game could have made it to your lock-in as well. If you plan on hosting another exercise or similar event, we would love the service club to utilize our card game! You can find out more at this link:

    Thanks for the interest!

  • Hi Magi! I've been curious about your Fluxx-based disaster preparedness game ever since you told us about it on Ready Radio!
    Hope I get to see it one of these days.

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