Gamers Doing Good

We mentioned the Capcom/Red Cross partnership for the Resident Evil 5 Blood Drive last week. Wondering how it all went? Well, here’s the video: And because the video didn’t have […]

Treating Trauma With Tetris

Researchers at Oxford University say that playing the video game Tetris after a traumatic experience blocks your brain from storing bad memories.  The trick is that the game has to […]

Calling All Gamers: The Great Shakeout Continues…

What 5 million Californians did yesterday was only the beginning.  The Great Shakeout will continue online for the next three weeks in an alternate reality game. Appropriately named Aftershock, the game […]

Save The World. For Real.

Just as I was in the midst of creating some tech-centric business cards to take to WhereCampPDX tomorrow, I stumbled across this super cool Lebanese Red Cross ad. Sleek, simple, […]

Third Message from Traces Of Hope

I just got another message from the Traces Of Hope game. Looks like it’s another intercepted message to “Alan Hackston.” I think this one is from “Sukie” again, but I’m […]

UPDATE: Traces Of Hope

I’ve been meaning to blog this, but it’s been a hectic few days.  The other day I got the second email from the Traces Of Hope game. This time it […]

Stop Disasters!

Game Week might be over, but it doesn’t mean we’ll stop sharing cool sites with you when we find ’em. While researching International Day For Disaster Reduction, I found Stop […]

SuperStruct Starts Monday!

Playing SuperStruct at the same time as Traces Of Hope might take up all of my evenings, but I’m going to at least give it a try.  SuperStruct – as […]

The First Clue Has Arrived!

We’re off and running with Traces Of Hope, the first-of-it’s-kind Red Cross alternate reality game.  This morning I got an email from “Joseph.” It said: Hello how are you? My name […]