Stop Disasters!

Game Week might be over, but it doesn’t mean we’ll stop sharing cool sites with you when we find ’em.

While researching International Day For Disaster Reduction, I found Stop Disasters! — a game from the UN/ISDR (the United Nations’ International Strategy for Disaster Reduction).

Here’s the intro:

Disasters triggered by natural hazards destroy lives and livelihoods. They affect millions of people every year, rich or poor. With your help, we can reduce the human, physical and financial cost of disasters by understanding the risks and applying the best methods of prevention and mitigation. Simple measures really do save lives!

Your role in this game is to plan and construct a safer environment for your population. You must assess the disaster risk and try to limit the damage when natural hazards strike. Expect advice along the way, both good and bad.

Disaster junkies, this is your chance to test your skills against a hurricane, wildfire or earthquake. I gave the tsunami simulation a try — you have the option to build schools and hospitals, reinforce roofs, tie down boats and provide education to the community. All good things, but keep in mind that you’ve got a set budget and a limited amount of time to work with.

Give Stop Disasters! a try and see what you think. If you can weather (hee!) any of these natural hazards, maybe we’ll give you a job here at the Red Cross.