Zombiefest: Virtual Gaming For A Cause

So, my twin brother plays Warcraft. Therefore, I know that people have fought demons, forged international alliances and even eloped on virtual landscapes. Much like Warcraft’s online world, a sim called Second Life has developed a huge following.

Recently, Second Life came up with a brilliant plan to merge their game with the Red Cross! Zombiefest 2009 offered a chance to support the International Red Cross movement with undead avatars, zombie kissing booths and even a virtual Rob Zombie show.

I’ve been unable to locate the exact amount, but the Second Life blog reported an expectation of at least three or four thousand US dollars from the event.

Graphic courtesy of shoppingcartdisco.com


  • Thanks for the plug, Nate. Just a few clarifications… Second Life isn't really related to World of Warcraft other than it's a program you run on your PC and is a MMO. It's more social network than game – and that's only because you can't "win" or "level up" in SL.

    Gattina Dumpling, Stein Shilova, Horrid Twine, Putrid Gloom and the rest of the Zombie crew did some absolutely fantastic work on the Zombiefest fundraiser and I was proud to be able to participate in a few sub-fundraisers myself, which included the zombie kissing booth and I also made custom content for the fair. Linden Lab, creators of Second Life, had nothing to do with this particular fundraiser other than provide technical assistance to make sure the sim (the area this was held on) stayed stable enough to hold all the avatars/attendees. All credit for this event should go to Gattina, Horrid, Putrid, Stein, and the rest of the residents in the Hot For Zombies group.

    I don't know where that blog you're plugging for info is, but I do suggest getting the news straight from Gattina herself at the Zombie blog:


    If you want to see more pictures from the event, please go here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/hotforzombies

    Thanks for blogging this!
    –Tenshi Vielle

  • Hi Tenshi! I'm happy we could promote such a creative fundraiser. Thanks for the clarification on who put the event together and for the links to additional media!

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