Next up, Water Polo!

After yesterday’s wistful musing about my favorite sport, a blog reader from National Headquarters emailed me with updates on what Major League Soccer has done so far to partner with the Red Cross:

In response to your recent post about sports team involvement, I want to let you know that some of us in Development are also soccer fans and rooting for MLS participation.

We did a fundraiser with LA Galaxy earlier this year for the CA wildfires (raising $100,000 split between ARC and Salvation Army). And I’m personally investigating what I can help organize (at very least on a local level) with DC United and their fan supporter clubs (I’m a member of the Screaming Eagles). 

Another MLS-ARC connection is that MLS W.O.R.K.S, the charitable arm of the MLS, is focused on improving health and wellness for youth and has partnered with Nothing But Nets and Malaria No More (both of whom we’ve worked with through the Measles Initiative). 

I’ll keep you updated as I learn more. 
It’s good to know the footballers (as our friends in the UK would call them) are pitching in. 
(Pun highly intended.)
Photo via CTD 2005 / Flickr