Superstars of the Civil War Blood Drive

Students Shahnaz Mooney and Sarah Lowe prove that “leadership is life” with their volunteer efforts Of the millions of lifesaving blood donations made each year to the Red Cross, almost […]

Hello from the Erb Memorial Union on the beautiful University of Oregon Campus! My name’s Shahnaz, and I’m a student and Blood Drive Association member at the University of Oregon. […]

Bleed Your Colors By Saturday, November 19th!

Rivals for Life Civil War Blood Drive – Midway Results The Civil War Blood Drive between the University of Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State University Beavers ends on Saturday, […]

Duck and Beaver Fans: A Second Way To Win Big!

Do you log on to to catch up on news, weather, entertainment and most importantly….sports? This year, OregonLive continues as a sponsor for our 10th Anniversary Civil War Blood […]

When I Root I Root For The Timbers!

Portland Timbers Captain Jack Jewsbury was recently chosen as MLS Humanitarian of the Month for his dedication to the American Red Cross! This honor comes after “Captain Jack” helped spearhead […]

Bob (Unicycles) Across America!

Slightly reminiscent of Forrest Gump’s cross country jog, Bob Mueller, 20, left Portland, Maine on May 17 riding a 36-inch unicycle and intends on finishing in Portland, Oregon in a […]

Timbers’ Jack Jewsbury On Joplin Tornado

A disaster becomes more “real” when you know someone who’s been personally affected. And after watching this interview with Jack Jewsbury, captain of the much-loved Portland Timbers, I guarantee you’ll […]