Jigsaw Says, “Give Blood This Halloween”

Let me be clear — the Pacific Northwest Blood Services Region is not participating the SAW V blood drive. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up and have them be disappointed when they find out that they can always GIVE, but just not in conjunction with the movie promotion.

But for those of you who live in other parts of the country or just those who (like me) think this is a terrific way to get a new group of blood donors into the Red Cross, I give you the decidedly non-creepy PSA from Tobin Bell, who plays master of horror Jigsaw in the movie:

Those who participate in the drive (find out where you can give from this page) will walk away with a warm, fuzzy feeling as well as a $2 off coupon for the movie.

And if you question what’s in it for the Red Cross from this partnership, think about 80,000 pints of blood donated and 235,000 lives saved. That little horror flick has sure done good…