Making More Blog Friends

I like making blog friends, especially ones who make yummy coffee.

I’ve actually been a closet fan of Nancy Rommelmann for quite some time now. She’s a really outstanding journalist, she contributes to Portland Food and Drink, and she brews a mean cup of joe for her business, Ristretto Roasters (which just opened a new location steps away from the Chapter!).

Well, Nancy’s also interested in preparedness, which makes me like her even more. Just yesterday, she posted on her blog about reading our friend Amanda Ripley‘s book, The Unthinkable, and how it inspired her to want to take a CPR/first aid class and put together a “go kit.”

I invited Nancy to stop by the Chapter and say hi and she turned around and gave a nice shout-out to Cross Blog at the bottom of her post.

Thanks Nancy! When you come back to actually take your class, we hope we’ll get to chat preparedness…and Portland restaurants!