Weather Coverage With Personality

I’m a sucker for anthropomorphism. Earlier this week when the Mars Phoenix Lander sent its “dying” message on Twitter, my heart melted into a big gooey puddle the size of…well, the size of this week’s unusually huge rain puddles. 

And speaking of rain puddles, I want to point you in the direction of two of the coolest new anthropomorphic Twitter personalities in town: Portland Rain and Portland Sun
It’s weather coverage with personality. Portland Rain says things like, “Had a long night. Taking a few hours off this morning.” While Portland Sun keeps it simple with, “There you go, folks. Enjoy.”
But it’s not just one-way coverage. Both Rain and Sun are fairly interactive, responding to fans with banter like, “Just for that, you’ll be seeing even less of me this winter.”
We watch the weather pretty closely here at the Red Cross so we’re stoked to be following these two.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out. How will Portland Rain feel about storms? And what about snow – is that just frozen rain or another character entirely? I guess we’ll watch and see. 
Or maybe I’ll ask if Portland Rain isn’t too busy for an interview…

Photo via toolmantim


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