Pun Cookies Are Fun Cookies

Speaking of cooking for a cause… Yesterday I came across a couple of delicious looking cookie recipes that would be great for a Recipe for Disaster Party or a Red Cross Lunch

First, the Portland Mercury mentioned these Cherry-Nut Mudslides. Pistachios, hazelnuts, cherries and chocolate, all in one incredible disc of pure yum.  
And as I was gushing over the mudslides to Lise, she said, “That reminds me of the earthquake cookies at Crema.”  So I looked them up. And after learning about their delectably delicate cracked surfaces (reminiscent of fault lines, hence the name), I searched for a recipe and found one simple enough for even Lise to make
Happy baking!
Mudslide photo © Quentin Bacon, which is an awesome name for a food photographer, and I hope he doesn’t mind that I used his photo from the recipe page.