Disaster Trailers In The Daily Astorian

We’ve had some great coverage of the disaster trailers that have been delivered up and down the Oregon coast over the last few weeks. Extra special thanks to KOIN‘s Tim Joyce and Kohr Harlan who each did in-depth stories that were just outstanding.

But the most valuable coverage we’ve received so far comes from The Daily Astorian. Why? Because their readers will personally benefit from the trailers and we really need their buy-in and enthusiasm for the project.

So check out what the Daily Astorian had to say. And if you live along the coast, tell us how we can continue to help get you better prepared for disaster. According to PortlandRain, there’s a wet winter ahead…every Oregonian should be ready.

One thought on “Disaster Trailers In The Daily Astorian

  • Great story and great blog site.

    Thanks for the help when I called to get some info on the trailers and supplies.

    Brian Geer
    Executive Director
    Anacortes/San Juan Islands Red Cross

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