Black Friday? How About RED Friday?

If you didn’t already know this, Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. Yeah, that’s right, it’s Black Friday. But I’ve got a new idea — how about celebrating RED Friday by shopping our store?

I know, I know. It doesn’t sound like we’d have anything cool and hip and edgy. But you’d be totally wrong.

First, any good Portland hipster would adore the vintage field bag. The strap is adjustable, so you can wear it like a messenger bag while biking to work. Or you can use it to tote home your groceries from Trader Joe’s.

I took mine to Bumbershoot and had ample room to carry around a camera, map, sweater and water bottle. And — honest to god — I got compliments on it. From Seattle hipsters. If it’s big in Seattle, you know it’ll be big here momentarily. (Oh, and if you like the bag, there’s a vintage first aid kit as well…).

You could also pick up a safety tube as a stocking stuffer. You’ve heard about this one before, but I’ll reiterate that it was featured in the Museum of Modern Art. So if you know an art and design buff, they’ll dig it. Plus, $5? What a bargain.

Or what about a magnetic force flashlight, which not only sounds awesome, but looks pretty amazing. Or a radio that works with solar power, a crank or a battery charger.

Have I convinced you yet? Seriously, these are things that even the person who has everything probably doesn’t own. You know you want ’em. Go get ’em.

P.S. Don’t forget; your purchase supports our work of saving and rebuilding lives right here in Oregon. Can Target or Best Buy say that? I think not.