One Minute Update — It Doesn’t Take A Minute To Create

Today is the first weekday in December, which means that Robin and I are quite busy.

You see, despite our best and most noble intentions, we never quite have our monthly newsletter — the “One Minute Update” — all wrapped up. And, as you might have inferred, it comes out on the first weekday of the month. Follow my logic?

If you want to see last month’s issue, it’s right here. And if you want to sign up so that you can see December’s issue later this afternoon, you can do that here. We’re proud of the publication — it’s quick and easy to read and it’s (almost) as fun as the blog to write.

Read it — at the least, you’ll thank us for all the safety tips!

P.S. The December issue is complete! You can see what we spent our day doing right here.