Christmas Trees Are Very Very Flammable

A Christmas Tree is basically a giant pile of firewood unless you take care of it. I just watched this video on Scott Zeilenga’s When Safety Fails blog:

Eek. Watch how fast that fire spreads! Good thing we included holiday safety tips in our latest newsletter.

If you’re planning to get a tree, I urge you use the following advice:
WATER: Keep it well watered. The less dry it is, the less flammable needles it will drop. Here’s an idea: every time you think about making yourself a hot cocoa (which for me is pretty often!) water your tree first. 
LIGHTS: There are indoor lights and outdoor lights. The outdoor ones are too hot for your tree. Read the instructions on the lights, and remember to unplug them when you’re not around. If you’re forgetful like me, get a timer. And for goodness sake make sure those wires are all intact!
ACTION: In case of emergency, I like this decorative tip from Scott… Put a big red bow on a fire-extinguisher and place it within reach.


  • Heh. Yeah, after letting the tree set in water for a day, we actually put the tree in the stand last night. It was a task, but we made sure it was safe in every way we could.

    Thanks for the shout-out.


  • Observation tells me that for various reasons, artificial trees are becoming more commonplace.

    So this may be a stupid question, but I’ll ask anyway: Where do artificial trees rate on the safety scale?

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