What’s With The Weather Around Here?

Right now, there is sunshine streaming in my window.

There was also just a downpour and high winds a few minutes ago. That’s Portland, folks. Land of the very weird and unpredictable weather.

But I actually think the NOAA forecasts are going to be right. It’s CHILLY out there and it’s the perfect time to remind you of these very important winter storm safety tips.

It’s also a good moment to fill you in on the details of this year’s Emergency Warming Center project. You can read all about it right here.

While we’re not planning to open tonight, I wouldn’t be surprised if we kick off operations on Saturday and Sunday nights…if not beyond. It all depends on whether the conditions outside meet the activation guidelines.

Anyway, if we do indeed open, look and listen for me on your TV/radio. You know how much I love that stuff!