A Warming Experience…

At 9 PM, dozens of people are streaming through the just-opened doors of the Imago Dei Community Warming Center. We, on the inside, have been reminded of the time by […]

Emergency Warming Centers: Providing Hope

It’s hard not to feel downtrodden after watching the recent news stories of disasters happening in our city, our country and around the world. Flooding, mudslides, shootings. It’s overwhelming and […]

Today’s Agenda: Busy.

Quick post today, as we’re very, very busy. Why, you might ask? 1. We’re helping out at the Mission of Mercy dental clinic, passing out hot coffee and preparedness info. […]

Make A Difference Day Is Tomorrow!

Make a Difference Day is a national event encompassing the most comprehensive nation-wide day of helping others. USA Weekend reports that in 2009, 3 million people participated in the national […]

Stories from the Emergency Warming Center

You already met James and Abigail, and I’d like to introduce you to a few more people and pets we met at the Emergency Warming Center during last week’s extreme […]

James and Abigail

I volunteered for a few hours on Thursday night at the emergency warming center and had the pleasure of meeting James and Abigail. For the fourth night, both were at […]