So What Happened To That Shirt?

Remember this shirt? Well, read on to find out what transpired at the holiday party…

Jen @ Maxwell:
Hey, was this you?!?!

Lise @ OTC:
Yup – that’s my destroyed shirt, courtesy of one of my co-workers. She was actually the one who dropped off the shirt on my behalf. Do you happen to know if it got bought?

Jen @ Maxwell:
Nice! People were really impressed by it. Great job. I’ll have to look at our leftover stack to see if it sold. Here’s our blog post on the evening…

Jen @ Maxwell:
Hey, I found out that we did sell your shirt and it went to a very nice home. Look for a check from us soon! : )

Just thought you guys would want to know the final outcome…special thanks to Alexis for her incredible creativity and skill with a blowtorch!