An Etsy Round-Up

Say you want to show off your support for the Red Cross mission, but you’re not into the branded t-shirt kind of thing. Your personal style is more vintage/handmade. Well, […]

90 Days Of (Amazing) Art

Growing up, people would note that my parents are both artists, thus prompting the question: “So Lise, do you have any artistic talent?” Sadly, the answer was no. Put a […]

Prints Of The Taishô Earthquake

In 1924, the Japanese publisher Hoshino Seki issued a set of thirty-six prints depicting scenes from the aftermath of the September 1, 1923 great Tokyo earthquake. He commissioned six artists […]

Attention Filmmakers

MOFILM, a global film-making community, invited the Red Cross to participate in a video competition where aspiring filmmakers can create videos for big brands and social causes. The competition gives […]

Red Cross Community Gallery Seeks New Artists

The Life’s Crossing Community Gallery, located at the Red Cross Portland Donor Center (3131 N. Vancouver Ave.), is looking for varied artistic media to bring to its building! This highly-visible […]

CreHAITIve Re/Vision In Pittsburgh

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m totally jealous of Pittsburgh. You see, Pittsburgh creatives recently held an (awesome) event for Haiti and I’m kicking myself that we didn’t […]

Holiday Cuteness

As I mentioned yesterday, I love the winter holiday season. So you can imagine my excitement when Sabin Elementary School students offered to make the Red Cross some holiday decorations. […]