Holiday Cuteness

As I mentioned yesterday, I love the winter holiday season. So you can imagine my excitement when Sabin Elementary School students offered to make the Red Cross some holiday decorations. What could be cuter than art made by children?

Our Portland Red Cross building looks absolutely adorable right now. Students of all ages at Sabin worked together to create four amazing murals that are now on display here. The detail in them is incredible–I could stare at each piece all day! My favorite mural is the downtown Portland scene. It’s quite accurate (look for the Made in Oregon sign!) and even features a Red Cross emergency response vehicle.

Younger students at the school also made us some paper ornaments, paper chain garland, and beaded candy canes. All of these pieces decorate a holiday tree that stands in our main hallway. So, so, so cute!

Later on in the month, we’ll also be giving cards made by the students to blood donors that say “Thank you for giving the gift of life.” They are beautiful!

Thank you to Sabin students for adding holiday cheer to our Red Cross building. Your artwork is warming the hearts of all who see it on display.
For those of you who would like to see the children’s artwork up close, come on by! And while you’re here, why not give the gift of life?