Portland Parents Get Prepared

I love how lately Portland parents seem to be jumping on the preparedness and safety bandwagon. Sure, they’ve always done things like baby-proofing kitchen cabinets and keeping hazardous chemicals out […]

CONTEST: #just1thing For Kids

So last week, we kicked off our second annual #just1thing contest. And even though things are already up and running, we’re just now focusing in on the first theme: WEEK […]

Kids Helping Haiti

From emptying their piggy banks, to organizing school-wide fundraisers, the kids in our community have shown that they care about the people of Haiti and are doing what they can […]

Holiday Cuteness

As I mentioned yesterday, I love the winter holiday season. So you can imagine my excitement when Sabin Elementary School students offered to make the Red Cross some holiday decorations. […]

Mommy Questions? We’ve Got Answers…

If I were a new mom, I’d have lots of questions… Breastfeeding or formula?Cloth or disposable diapers? (Or better yet, these!)And, most important, where do I find the pinkest, poofiest […]

Staying Safe On The Farm

I grew up in Oregon, but as an urban Portlander, I don’t know that I ever saw a tractor. Really, it wasn’t until this year’s Steam-Up that I saw farm […]

Meet The Scrub Club

We’ve talked before about the importance of preventing the spread of influenza (and many other viruses) by washing your hands. And now, with H1N1 and flu season upon us, it’s […]