Portland Parents Get Prepared

I love how lately Portland parents seem to be jumping on the preparedness and safety bandwagon. Sure, they’ve always done things like baby-proofing kitchen cabinets and keeping hazardous chemicals out of toddlers’ way, but now they’re doing things like Getting Kits! Making Plans! And Being Informed!

Example A: Metro Parent

I’ve had a soft spot for Metro Parent since my days at Emanuel Children’s Hospital. They do a great job of providing helpful resources and information for families, from schools to summer camps. This month, they’re trying to keep families safe and have done a fantastic job of spreading the word. Check it out!
Example B: Milagros Boutique

If I had kids, I’d do all my shopping at Milagros. Not only are they a locally-owned business, they’re super earth-friendly and organic and natural and awesome. But, even better, they believe in educating parents (especially new ones) so that they can be the best moms and dads ever. Case in point, they’ve offered Infant CPR for New Parents for a couple years now.
Lately, they’ve been offering a new class: Emergency Preparedness for Parents. It’s totally free and takes place about every other month. If it proves popular, I’m sure we’ll be offering it on a regular basis.
So, all of you proud Portland parents, get out there and get prepared!