School’s Out For Summer…But What To Do With The Kids?

Last Monday was a great day.

That’s because, in my child-free world, it’s the first day that school’s out and my morning commute gets a LOT faster.

For you, in your perhaps child-full world, it might not be such cause for jubilation. In all likelihood, you work during the day and you now have to worry about what to do with the kids while you’re at the office. Are they okay to be home alone? Is the older one mature enough to babysit?

Honestly, not every summer day can be filled with camp. Believe me, my parents tried (with this and this and this), but there were still days when alternative arrangements had to be made.

That’s why I’m pointing you in the direction of this article about leaving your child home alone and these classes, designed to get your kid ready for babysitting or being home by themselves.

Whatever your plans this summer, teaching your child this sort of responsibility can be a good (and potentially lucrative) thing.

We can’t promise our classes are as much fun as waterskiing or archery or other summer camp activities, but they come at a bargain price (scholarships available!) and definitely teach life-long skills!

Photo courtesy of Daquella manera


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