Red Cross in the Arts

A little note on the Red Cross showing up in the big, wide world of entertainment. Since working here, I have begun to notice the Red Cross popping up every […]

New Zealand… Rocks!!!

What’s not to love about New Zealand? With beautiful beaches, rugged mountains, clever comedians, musical legends, adventurous citizens, talented filmmakers, and handsome men (that last one has nothing to do […]

Big Bloody Head

So maybe this is old news in the art world, but have you seen this ridiculously crazy frozen sculpture by British artist Marc Quinn? It’s made entirely from his own […]

If Edward Gorey Worked for the RC…

I don’t want to steal Tara’s thunder on Spanish language YouTube videos, but MorningStar Padilla, one of the other AmeriCorps members serving at the chapter, located an excellent video on […]

Cutest Warning Sign Ever

Is this not the cutest tsunami warning sign you’ve ever seen? Julie from our Clatsop Service Center out on the coast sent the photo to me, and I love it!  Students […]

So What Happened To That Shirt?

Remember this shirt? Well, read on to find out what transpired at the holiday party… Jen @ Maxwell:Hey, was this you?!?! Lise @ OTC:Yup – that’s my destroyed shirt, courtesy […]

Capturing Humanity Through Photography

My sweetie went to San Francisco last weekend and brought me back something super-exciting… An invitation to a Red Cross photo exhibit! (Okay, it’s really just a postcard for it. […]